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This was another strong year for CCA with the introduction of several new programming elements that contributed to our overall momentum.

Our public engagement programme had an immediate impact throughout 2016-17 with events and workshops held across the city for the Cooking Pot project and closer to home, Botanic Concrete engaged with the Garnethill community. A conference, Social Intentions, brought artists and curators together to examine and debate examples of public engagement practice and this was followed up throughout the year by a regular series of events leading to the Forms of Action exhibition in early 2017. We have also published a book gathering together many of the themes addressed through that whole programme.

Other initiatives this year included our participation in Disabled Access Day and the establishing of Publication Studio Glasgow on the first floor, a facility for self-publishing open to anyone. 2016 also saw the introduction of a Palestinian residency and the first Tilting Axis Caribbean Curatorial Fellowship in collaboration with a series of organisations across Scotland and the Caribbean region.

It was also a year of increasing recognition for our work. Our exhibition of Pilvi Takala’s work in Glasgow International was among our most visited shows in recent years. CCA was nominated in the Icon Awards and again won the Best Cultural category in The Glasgow Awards, while our visitor figures ensured we were within the ASVA Top 20 Visitor Attractions. Such recognition comes with time and 2016/17 marked several key anniversaries related to our programme. The Radical Independent Bookfair Project, Glasgow Short Film Festival, The Fallen Angels Club and the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival all celebrated tenth anniversaries, while Saramago Café reached its fifth birthday here. CCA itself is approaching its 25th anniversary in May 2017.

In 2016-17 CCA had:

335,650 admissions to the building – our best year on record.
23,316 visitors to our six main gallery exhibitions, with 6,733 attending Intermedia.
2,900 people participating in 78 activities in our public engagement programme.
51,024 admissions across 1,075 events and 26 festival with 253 programme partners.

The full CCA Annual Review 2016-17 is available to download via the links on the left, or here.