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Intermedia Gallery: Call for Submissions 2018/19
Intermedia is an independent gallery space funded by Glasgow City Council and managed by the CCA in partnership with Glasgow Life. The gallery is located within CCA but operates independently of CCA’s curated exhibition programme.

Exhibitions are selected by a panel that includes representatives of both CCA, Glasgow Life and the city’s independent visual arts sector. Funding is awarded to exhibiting artists towards exhibition costs. In return, artists take full responsibility for organising, curating, installing, publicising, invigilating and de-installing their exhibition.

The next deadline for applications to exhibit at Intermedia is 5pm on Monday 5 February 2018.

For further information on how to apply please contact Michael-Alan Read at mar@cca-glasgow.com.

If you require additional support in completing the application, or would like to submit via an alternative format please contact mar@cca-glasgow.com.

Applications are received from a wide variety of individuals and groups, from which a programme of exhibitions is selected by a panel of artists / arts professionals based on criteria of quality of work and creative development. The costs of the gallery’s overheads are covered and a small subsidy is provided towards exhibitors’ costs (£600). In return, artists take full responsibility for organising, curating, installing, publicising, invigilating, and de-installing their exhibition, all in line with CCA’s own Health and Safety guidelines. CCA will provide additional marketing and admin support.

Proposals for exhibitions at Intermedia for the period May 2018 – April 2019 are now being sought. If you are interested in exhibiting, please complete the application form and return it with your exhibition proposal: this should take the form of one pdf document and include all supporting information (including cover letter, links, images, etc).

If possible please apply via email, however hard copies will be accepted. The submission should include, as one single pdf document:
-A description of the work that will be exhibited.
-A CV for each artist involved in the exhibition.
-Six images of each artist’s work.

Please send images in PDF format, if possible, all contained with a single overall submission document. If you require support please contact mar@cca-glasgow.com. Images on disk will be accepted but email applications are preferred. Artists working in time based media may submit online links to work (such as YouTube or Vimeo), but please ensure these are listed within the submission document. Alternatively, artists may submit a DVD which should last, in total, no more than 7 – 10 minutes but which may include edited pieces from a number of works. All material should be clearly labelled detailing the work it contains and the full duration of the pieces. (Please specify whether the images are of work you intend to exhibit.) Cover letters and any additional information may also be included as part of the submission, but please ensure these are contained within the overall submission document – content from email cover letters will not be referred to in the shortlisting process.

Applications from Glasgow-based practitioners will be prioritised. Submissions from artists who will not be in full-time education at the time of exhibition will also be prioritised. UK-wide and International proposals will be accepted if the proposal demonstrates an invigilation plan for the exhibition.

Historically, Intermedia’s programme has aimed to support emerging artists working in Glasgow. We recognise that ‘emerging’ is a word often associated with age, however, we believe that an artistic practice can ‘emerge’ or ‘re-emerge’ at any stage in life. The overall selection aims to find a balance between gender, artistic content, contemporary discourse and different media. The selection process is consciously non-discriminatory against sexuality, ethnicity and disability. If you have any questions about application please feel free to get in touch.

Your application must arrive no later than 5pm on the closing date, Monday 5 February 2018. We are unable to accept late applications.

Please title the application with your name and ‘Intermedia Application’, then email this to mar@cca-glasgow.com

Hard-copy applications should be posted to:
Michael-Alan Read, Creative Lab, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD.

For further information please contact viviana@cca-glasgow.com
Tel: 0141 352 4900

CCA/AC Projects Music Residency 2018
AC Projects offers support for artists/musicians/composers to challenge themselves and find new ways to approach creativity. We are looking for submissions that present ideas that are not fully formed. The residency is not about rehearsing an already developed idea but is about exploring notions of what music can be.

Artists working in or exploring music, sound, composition, live art, contemporary performance, movement, new theatre, film, video, time-based media and interdisciplinary projects with an experimental music focus are invited to submit proposals to be considered for a CCA Creative Lab residency.

Creative Lab objectives:
• An opportunity for emerging and established artists, composers or musicians to have time to develop new ideas, rather than focusing on the final outcome
• To give artists an opportunity to show their investigations to the public and peers for feedback
• To provide networking opportunities with other users of the building, including artists, cultural tenants and other CCA contacts

General information:
The Creative Lab space at CCA is a light and versatile room approximately 7m x 11.70m. Technical assistance for sound and lighting can also be requested. Applicants should make it clear in the submissions if their Creative Lab would depend on technical or other provision. CCA and AC Projects has £1000 allocated for each four-week Creative Lab, which should cover any production or technical costs for in-progress showings etc.

1x four-week fixed slot: Mon 29 Oct – Fri 23 Nov 2018. These dates are fixed in line with availability and other projects.

Selection process:
The applications are reviewed by Alasdair Campbell, a representative from CCA and an independent arts/music practitioner.

General criteria:
• Time spent must be on development of the artist or musician's own, original work.
• Creative Lab time is for research and experimentation rather than rehearsal time.
• We are primarily looking for contemporary artists and musicians who specialise in the realisation of ideas, rather than pursuing a specialism.
• Artists will usually be required to share their work in a format to be discussed with AC Projects, such as an open studio day, an artist’s talk, or a work-in- progress performance.
• Artists must also help with evaluation and provide appropriate documentation of their Creative Lab residency.
• Artists must conform to CCA’s health & safety rules and regulations.
• Equal Opportunities will be employed in the selection of these labs in line with CCA’s policies.

To submit a proposal:
Applications by email are preferred. Submissions should comprise of:
1.A brief (maximum 2 sides A4) description of the work you would like to investigate, including the conceptual basis, content, art forms used, and how much time you would need. Please send this as a PDF document.
2.A CV and list of artist’s experience, as a PDF document.
3.Supporting material:
Images of recent work and/or documentation of recent work in PDF format.
If appropriate, website, vimeo, soundcloud or dropbox links (or similar) to video documentation, moving image work and/or sound work

Hardcopy applications with CD/DVD documentation will be accepted but electronic application is preferred.

Please email applications to Alasdair Campbell.

Deadline: Monday 22 January 2018, 6pm

CAMP Live Art Course with Anne Bean
In conjunction with CAMP, a new artist residency centre based at 750m altitude in the French Pyrenees, CCA invites submissions from all forms of creative practitioners for two places on a course led by seminal performance artist, Anne Bean.

A central and inspirational figure, Anne Bean is (intentionally) a difficult artist to categorise. Since the early 70s, this 'uncatchability' has been a strategy to question purpose, style, consistency, career and categorisation itself. Morphing between numerous contexts, materials, media, collaborations, ideologies and manifestations, she challenged herself to follow a trajectory that allowed for fluid, direct and dynamic response, resulting in a huge range of solo and collaborative projects as well as curatorial enterprises worldwide.

In Anne's book Autobituary, writer Guy Brett captures this scope and reach: "Reading Anne Bean's CV is like following a continuous performance, a continuous response to the world… a 'magicification' of the world. The panoply of places she has worked, times of the day or night, interiors, exteriors, seasons, publics, materials, concepts, tools, is astonishing: all shifting but all attuned to unique situation."

Anne has exhibited in major galleries including Tate, Hayward, Royal Academy, received large-scale awards such as a British Council Creative Collaborations fund and a Tate/LADA Legacy: Thinker in Residence Award. She has been artist in residence in numerous high-profile institutions including Franklin Furnace (New York), Whitechapel Gallery (London) and Sidney Nolan Trust (Wales).

Fundamentally, Anne's course will be about deep collaboration; consciously using chance so that the session unfolds towards various manifestations with different participants taking a lead at various points. The group will surprise itself with unknowable trajectories, resulting in works that provide freedom from known blueprints - a reaching inwards and outwards with all senses and antennae on full alert. Growing organically from classroom sessions based around Anne's work, and that of other artists she has worked with or witnessed, the session will move into outdoor spaces, using the landscape and surroundings to full effect.

Session Highlights
● Engage with the possibilities that both the environment and the co-participants stimulate.
● Use deep collaboration and conscious chance strategies to surprise and stir ourselves and each other.
● Each day unfolds towards unknowable outcomes.
● Post-session opportunities include full release/publication of your work on the in-house imprints, installation/performance at Fuse Art Space.
● Full board including room, meals and drinks.
● Unlimited use of performance and exhibition spaces, rehearsal spaces, Pro Tools recording studios, arts library, digital editing suites, dark room and other facilities.
● Optional mountain expeditions including ascent of Mont Ceint and the spectacular Cascade d'Ars.

More info: annebeanarchive.com

More info on CAMP: campfr.com

What's included:
● Five days of classes and activities.
● A comfortable private room at CAMP.
● All meals – breakfast and lunch at CAMP, dinner at a local restaurant.
● Unlimited use of CAMP recording studios, editing suits, rehearsal studios, library and other facilities.
● Optional post-course support that includes full release/ publication of your work on in-house imprints, installation and/or performance at Fuse Art space in Bradford.

What's not included:
● Travel to and from CAMP. The nearest airport is Toulouse.

Equipment required:
● Good pair of walking boots.
● Day backpack.
● Waterproofs advised for outdoor activities.

Please note travel to and from CAMP is not included.

Selection process:

No previous experience or training is necessary. Applications from practitioners based in Glasgow will be prioritised. Applications will be reviewed by CCA's programme team: Alex Misick, Programme Coordinator; Julia Martos, CCA Intern; Viviana Checchia, Public Engagement Curator; Ainslie Roddick, Curator and Francis McKee, Director. Equal Opportunities will be employed in the selection of these places in line with CCA’s policies.

To submit an application:

Applications by email are preferred. Submissions should comprise of:
1 - A brief (500 word max) statement of intent detailing why this opportunity would be relevant to you and the development of your practice. Please send this as a PDF document.
2 - A CV and list of relevant experience, as a PDF document.
3 - Supporting material: images of recent work and/or documentation of recent work in PDF format. If appropriate, website, vimeo, soundcloud or dropbox links (or similar) to video documentation, moving image work and/or sound work

Hardcopy applications with CD/DVD documentation will be accepted but electronic application is preferred.

Email applications to: julia@cca-glasgow.com
Or send hardcopy proposals to: Julia Martos, CAMP – Anne Bean, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD.

Please provide a stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish CCA to return your supporting material. Enquiries: julia@cca-glasgow.com

Wednesday 24 January, 9pm