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Abraham Brody
ONGON - Cancelled

Wed 12 April — Thu 13 April 2017

Please note this event has been cancelled.

‘ONGON’ in the Buryat language means ‘the spirits of our ancestors or of sacred places in nature’. Based on Brody's travels with shamans in the Republic of Buryatia, Eastern Siberia, ONGON is an exploration of the trance in relation to the performer - it is a physical and aural manifestation of transformation through performance.

A solo performance using music, video, and performance, the piece explores concepts of creative expression new and old by evoking traditional shamanic rituals and trance states through expressions of physicality and the use of video, performance and sound. These combine to create a fully immersive viewer experience.

In ‘ONGON’ Abraham Brody explores the shamanic trance, and its relationship to the performer and his spiritual transformation through sound and gesture. The piece incorporates videos from the artist’s own travels to Buryatia alongside musical and physical expressions of the meditative, introspective journey inspired by Buryat shamanic practices.

The show has developed from the premiere performance at Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries Moscow in Autumn 2016 and is created with choreographer/director Stephano Regueros Savvides.

The performance speaks to a contemporary fascination with self-exploration and meditative practices and encourages a deeper level of self-reflection from its viewers.