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Aye Write!
Gary Fildes

Sun 12 March 2017

GARY FILDES: An Astronomer’s Tale

Gary Fildes book, subtitled A Bricklayer’s Guide to the Galaxy, is an inspirational memoir of a former brickie who followed his passion for the starts and built his own observatory.

Gary left school at sixteen, got a trade like most of his mates and was soon married with four kids. His life seemed set. But he had a secret. Something he only practised late at night with a few like-minded friends. Along with his life story, the book has elements of nature writing, and is also a seasonal guide to the night sky. It is a book brimming with passion; and at a time when the world is captivated by space, Gary’s talk will inspire you to get out there and explore the wonders of the skies for yourself. Chaired by Professor Steve Owens.