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CALQ Artist in Residence at CCA
Geneviève Chevalier

Sat 1 April — Fri 30 June 2017

As part of her project Birds Avant-garde initiated in 2016, Geneviève Chevalier is investigating the modifications of the natural distribution range and migratory routes of various bird species induced by climate change. On site during the 2017 spring migration, the artist will do research to become acquainted with the Scottish bird species and gather photo, video and sound samplings of sighted birds. A collection will be created in the end, based on the figure of the migratory bird being at the forefront of changes that are already unfolding.

During her fieldtrips to Scotland’s various national and regional parks, she plans to try out and implement protocols traditionally used by biologists to survey birds. Using some of the data made available through the local tracking systems and networks of ornithologists, Geneviève Chevalier will produce image-based works on the idea of the survey. The project will take the form of an installation, being composed of a series of map-like collages, photographs and video works. Remixing illustrations coming from outdated handbooks of birds to create 'new' species, the artist’s series of three-dimensional collages show literally birds in disguise, reflecting the abnormally rapid natural sorting process which is currently taking place. Migratory patterns, corresponding to specific routes, are drawn on watercolour paper and birds appear sometimes under and sometimes over a film of polyester, creating layers of images, some being more distant and only partially visible. As a natural science museum displaying frozen-like specimens and representations of animals in vitrines, Chevalier’s collection will propose different types of representation and information, organized according to an iconographic system inspired by birds.