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Chto Delat
It did not happen with us yet: Screening

Tue 3 September 2019

Safe Haven is the name of a network of residences for artists, authors and musicians who live in countries where their life, freedom and human dignity are in danger. In the Safe Haven residences they can decide their further fate – whether to request political asylum or return to their native land. Most of these residences are located in small, pleasant towns in Northern Europe.

We (Chto Delat) are not yet in need of assistance in the form of a Safe Haven. Regardless of continually growing censorship and repression of any kind of critical statement, we can produce art with minimal risk to life and freedom. But what will happen if we do have need of a Safe Haven? Or rather, what will happen when we need one? What will happen if at some point we find ourselves hiding from danger in a residence on one of the small Norwegian islands?


This event is part of the programme for Chto Delat | Times, Lines, 1989s