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Civil Disobedience
Persistent and Nasty

Tue 29 January 2019

Persistent and Nasty is a script-reading, debate and art as activism initiative for the female-identified voice in stage and screen. Although the core principle behind Persistent and Nasty is about the female-identified voice, we are committed to an intersectional approach and aim to use the space we’ve created to provide a platform for the spectrum of marginalised voices in our culture.

Through a series of script readings and accompanying digital content, we are creating a platform for the unrepresented voices in the stage and screen industry; women, minorities, trans and LGBTQIA+.
Our goal is to create a project that is safe and supportive, but that is also an act of protest. Persistent and Nasty is about changing the cultural narrative through the stories we tell.

“The exchange provided by P&N is electric, reminiscent of the consciousness raising gatherings of the second wave but with a focus on intersectionality that has been sorely missing from so much of the mainstream feminist movement”
– Fountain Review

“It’s about the bigger picture, the bigger conversation and how we move forward, not just in our industry but socially, and in our culture”
– The Skinny

Persistent and Nasty are accepting submissions from writers. Inspired by conversations around access to the arts and Maureen Beattie’s discussion about working class actors, with The Guardian in August 2018; we will be exploring themes and topics around class and elitism in the arts. To find out more about submitting please get in touch at persistentandnasty@gmail.com