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Cryptic Nights
I Just Go On and On and On

Thu 2 April 2020

We regret this event has been postponed. Cryptic are happily offering refunds, but if you are in a position to be able to waive this and treat your current purchase as a donation, it would be very gratefully received and would be of direct benefit to the artists involved.

Combining choral soundscapes, discords, original vocal scores and moving image, Sinéad Hargan’s I Just Go On and On and On is an exploration of traditional, female-led laments.

In an intimate live performance featuring members of the Dundee Gaelic Choir, the artist creates a sonic collage of scored and improvised voices set against filmed recordings of vivid rural landscapes. Weaving together Scottish scenery, song and myth to moving effect, Hargan creates a space where we can communicate and share that which often goes unspoken.