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The Man Who Surprised Everyone (Chelovek, kotoryy udivil vsekh)

Sun 24 February 2019

Forest guard Egor (Yevgeny Tsyganov) is a well-respected, loving family man, who is expecting a second child with his wife Natalia (Natalya Kudryashova). However his life is shattered when he is diagnosed with cancer. Given months left to live, he takes matters into his own hands and makes one last desperate attempt to trick death by assuming the identity of a woman. Unfortunately, the repercussions are more serious than he could have ever imagined… A modern adaptation of a Russian folk tale, The Man Who Surprised Everyone is an uncomfortable yet important exploration into outdated attitudes towards gender identity that is as clever as it is frighteningly relevant.

Also screening on Thu 21 Feb, 3:45pm @ GFT