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Glasgow Short Film Festival
Black Spatial Imaginaries 2

Sun 22 March 2020

How are Black people excluded/included within spaces and how does this relate to the wider context of their identities? Black Spatial Imaginaries explores the fluidity (often not by choice) of Black communities through the concept of Black Geographies. The films deal with a spectrum of topics such as environmental racism, gentrification, queerness, and the importance of community.

Programme 2:
How do we begin to think about the physicality of bodies within spaces and places? Who gets to occupy a space and how?

Afro-Futurism/Surrealism can be deployed as methods to interrogate the boundaries of a given spatial location through the reimagining of its capabilities through a collective Blackness.

Artist, researcher and curator Tana Gambura will provide a response to the themes within the films.

Captioned for Deaf/Hard of Hearing audiences. BSL-interpreted Q&A.