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Glasgow Zine Fest
Pencil Sharpener! A Comic Zine making workshop.

Sun 15 April 2018

Can you draw? (If the answers no! Thats cool, you don't have to) The whole point is to make your zine and tell your comic story, using stick drawings or your finest illustrations.

This workshop is open to all skill levels for young people ages 14 to 26, exploring the art of making and writing a mini comic/zine from creating characters to drawing it and inking it up for reproduction.

All materials supplied. (if you have a your own stuff you like using, then bring that)

BSL is available for workshops upon request. Please let us know before the 1st of April.

Ticketing: Glasgow Zine Fest are using a sliding scale ticketing system this year. You can choose to pay £0 to £2, £4 to £6, £8 for all events, workshops and talks that require tickets.

Please be honest with yourself and your financial situation. If you purchase a ticket at the lowest end of the scale when you could afford the higher ticket prices, it makes it harder for us to provide financial flexibility to those who need it. More information here.