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Hi Fi, Low Fi, Why Fi and Zifi

Sat 29 April 2017

The words on the flag read ‘Cock’ and the text on the side asks the reader to “Desecrate the flag, refuse to bear arms, let the motherland down and be un-nationalistic.” This was the cover of the radical underground zine Puss (Kiss), produced by the Swedish artist Carl Johan De Geer.

De Geer is a textile designer, filmmaker, set designer, photographer, installation artist and writer, amongst other things, whose zines and artworks are politically charged and spark fierce debates. Despite his very diverse means of production De Geer maintains that everything he does turns out “pretty much the same”. This special TalkSeePhotography presentation questions the truth of such a claim. Join Dr. Nina Bacos as she delves into the wide ranging and often unconventional uses of Photography within De Geer’s practice to give an insight into one of Sweden’s most influential artists.

Dr. Nina Bacos holds a Bfs, Mfa (Gothenburg University) and a PhD (GLasgow School of Art).
Bacos lives in Glasgow where she runs TalkSeePhotography and is part of NOTES Journal editorial team.