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How We Handle Things: Sculpting Relations Workshop

Sun 1 March 2020

Join Mark Bleakley for this public research workshop exploring our relationship to touch and objects through creating thermoplastic sculptures. This is a drop-in event.

How we handle things and how things handle us: focusing on humans’ relationships to the material world, this workshop aims to open up an informal discussion through the physical process and demonstration of thermoplastic casting, a safe medical grade plastic which adapts to the skin accordingly. This workshop seeks to learn from personal insights into the physical experience of being part of this casting process, searching how and why we place value upon the objects around us and how our bodies are transformed through these interactions.

This is a public research workshop as part of artist and choreographer Mark Bleakley’s ongoing research project How we handle things. It is a drop-in event running over 3 hours. Each casting and conversation will last approximately 15-20 minutes. There will be a collection of research material to examine and read alongside.