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Short Film Programme

Fri 13 March 2020

We regret this event has been cancelled.

An evening of six international shorts with covering themes such as isolation, atmospheric observations, technology, Big Brother watching, and friendship bonds.

Vivir Bailando by Inma de Reyes • UK 2019 • 11min • Digital • Spanish with English Subtitles
Selfie by Nayra Sanz Fuentes • Spain 2019 • 10min • Digital • English with English Subtitles
Wild Berries by Marianna Vas & Hedda Bednarszky • Portugal, Hungary, Romania 2018 • 20min • Digital - No Dialogue
Dulce by Guille Isa & Angello Faccini • U.S.A., Colombia 2019 • 11min • Digital • Spanish with English Subtitles
Outside the Oranges are Blooming (Napolju cvetaju narandže) by Nevena Desivojević • Serbia, Portugal 2019 • 20min • Digital • Portuguese with English Subtitles
I Can Always Sleep But Tonight I Can't (Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo) by Fernando Vílchez & Andrea Morán • Spain 2019 • 17min • Digital • Spanish with English Subtitles

Please note this screening contains flashing images.