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Matchbox Cineclub
Auld Lang Vine | #RIP Vine

Sun 27 January 2019

Dearly beloved, join us to mourn the passing of the six-second wonder that was Vine. Auld Lang Vine is a tribute to the fleeting icons that have given so much joy to millions the world over.

The event centres around two big-screen compilations of the all-time greatest Vine loops, curated by Pilot Light TV Festival. Expect a funeral-turned-party featuring over 500 of the greatest Vines and a very special eulogy. Full guest line-up to be announced soon. Join us as we celebrate the life of one of the biggest comedy phenomenons of recent times and move along to the final stage of grief: acceptance.

Tickets are priced on a sliding scale, based on your circumstances, in three tiers: Free/£2, £4/£6 and £8 (register for a free ticket via email: info@matchboxcineclub.com). Read our guide on what to pay. NB There are no physical tickets; your email confirmation is your ticket. This screening/programme is part of Comedy Genius - a nationwide celebration of comedy on screen, led by BFI, the Independent Cinema Office and BFI Film Audience network, supported by funds from The National Lottery.

For more screenings go to bficomedy.co.uk. #RIPVINE #bficomedy