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Mophradat Residency
Taha Belal

Thu 5 July — Sun 30 September 2018

Taha Belal’s artistic interventions are labour-intensive, delicate and spectral. His works retain roughness and errors: smudges, scratches, dirt and fingerprints on items passed through many hands. He works with common, mass-produced, disposable objects, highlighting their construction in a formal investigation of the language and images exchanged in our daily life.

On this residency, Belal will think with the bureaucratic debris from his day job at the family business in Cairo, where he is engulfed in an abundance of papers, tinted glass, plastic laminates, advertising matter, faux wood paneling and sticky, pleather roller chairs under a pervasive whitish blue fluorescent lighting. Drawing from these surroundings he makes works by pushing the accumulation of layers and peeling away at the greasy surfaces to bring into relief the superficiality of these elements and render them, for a moment, ineffable.

Supported by Mophradat.