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Pauline and the Matches presents
Sprinkler System

Sat 13 April 2019

Pauline and the matches was one of the cautionary tales written by Henrich Hoffmann in 1845. It is about a girl who was forbidden to play with matches, succumbs to temptation and burns to death. She is mourned by two cats whose tears create a pond of water around her ashes. The tale is a shocking and graphic but also darkly comic. The mixture of innocence, shock and humour along with temptation desire and consequences make it a fitting tale to explore as an allegory for a bigger environmental picture. Daily, we hear how microscopic actions, when they become collective have a global impact. The show looks at how to navigate a world where an accumulation of small, seemingly innocent, actions are loaded with enormous unintended consequences. The booklet that accompanies the show lyrically weaves Pauline's plight with man made environmental disasters, and descriptions of innocent technological advancements that now haunt us.