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Present Futures
Leah Marojevic | BODY A Workshop

Sun 9 June 2019

A movement and dance workshop which explores and reimagines the body as post human, as cy-borg and as alien. Leah will share scores and methods used when she embodies the post human femme-bot, Body-A in Colette Sadler’s ‘Learning from the Future’. In this workshop, participants will be invited to discuss and develop ways in which a body might receive and process information, flows of data, codes and predictive material in an imagined science fiction setting. The figure developed for ‘Learning from the Future’, inhabited a futuristic body which occupies no self-awareness and can not distinguish between inner-intention and external impulses. We will delve into movement research and performance, amplifying the primitive power of bodies against the background of their dematerialisation and disappearance. This workshop is open to professionals and all those interested in moving.

Leah Marojevic’s workshop is generously supported by The Work Room