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Radiophrenia Live-to-Air: Jim Whelton | Fallopé & the Tubes | Sister

Sun 11 September 2016

Three exciting new radio works developed to reflect the circumstance of a live theatre audience in addition to an unseen audience of listeners at home.

In ‘Golden Hindsight’, Jim Whelton revisits a lost radiodolatrous land – the sort of place where you might have encountered Beckett riding a faulty segue over the toes of a screaming banker or a boozy Pinter accidentally setting fire to his own trousers. ‘Hindsight’ features one narrator, a four-handed Greek chorus and a sound effects guy. From his sprawling mind-cage in London, Jim Whelton has produced video and radiophonic works and scripts for radio stations around the world. His prodigious multi-persona pop and blunderphonic musical output is the stuff of tender nightmares.

Bam! Boing! Bow-Wow! - Fallopé & the Tubes go on a week-long rural retreat to reconnect with their cosmic selves and channel what the universe whispers into their collective ear for this one off broadcast. It will be loud, full of voices, rhythmic and sizzling; pulling you into their absurd abyss. Fallopé & the Tubes are a six piece DIY punk pop siphonophore band dedicated to nurturing a strong sense of cosmic sisterhood and a democratic collaborative style of working in musical performance with zero budget but extremely enthusiastic theatrical visual aesthetic. fallopeandthetubes.hotglue.me

‘Hotline’ is the first in a series of projects from new collective Sister. Through interview, poetry and music they explore what it means to grow up mixed race in Glasgow and the struggle to form a cohesive identity with no solid community. Glaswegian duo Cassie Ezeji and Siobhain Ma make up Sister, a creative collective who explore the experiences and challenges facing mixed race Scottish women focussing on micro-aggressions encountered by biracial women along with questions of identity and establishing a connection with their respective fatherlands.