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Radiophrenia Live-to-Air: Maya Dunietz | Cara Tolmie

Mon 29 August 2016

Pianist and sound artist Maya Dunietz presents a new work created especially for Radiophrenia. As a composer, performer, and sound artist she has been performing internationally for the past twenty years. Maya’s music engages visual art, performance, technological research, and philosophy. Her works are commissioned by renowned performers and ensembles, and she has created site-specific sound-performance works for institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo Paris, Arnolfini in Bristol, the Center For Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, the Reykjavik Arts Festival, and many more. wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_Dunietz

Cara Tolmie's new performance work 'Cancamon' was developed in connection with research done as part of her residency 'She’s Singing – I can feel boxes break' at KKH, Stockholm 2015-16. Physical sampling and repetition form the basis as Cara investigates signifiers and roles of the singer in contemporary popular culture, experimental and dance music. The work puts a range of experiments in voice and movement to use in asking questions about whose effects and languages the singing voice acts as a locus for, testing how the performing body might be able to disrupt and infect the flows of value that profit from this voice. Cara Tolmie is an artist and musician who experiments from within the intersections of performance, sound and moving image and draws from debates surrounding feminisms, the politics of music, and experimental pedagogy. She is also part of the editorial collective for Cesura//Acesso Journal, a publication exploring music, politics and poetics.