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Radiophrenia Live-to-Air: Secluded Bronte | Rebecca Wilcox

Wed 7 September 2016

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Catherine Street is no longer able to perform this evening

Three exciting new performances that respond to the unique circumstances of creating a work that is simultaneously a live performance and a radio broadcast.

'Selmer Bends' is an enigmatic discourse closer to a series of cryptic crossword clues than a straight script, a poem of sorts, Selmer Bends attempts to fracture narrative continuity by digressing into non-sequitur, ellipsis and moments of dense contrapuntal layering.
Secluded Bronte are a modular formation most often featuring Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas. Their work is conceptual and fuses text, concrete and abstract sounds, or “music theatre from hell” as one critic dubbed it.

Rebecca Wilcox’s ‘Easy Material, huh’ is a new performative spoken word piece, part of a continued effort to look at apperception, voice and the authorship entangled with these active relationships. With the assistance of a loop pedal, she repeats, fragments and layers her own writing, renegotiating an urge to make something neat and coherent. Rebecca Wilcox works with writing, performance, installation, audio and video. With Sarah Rose and Scott Rogers she organises tenletters, a space in Glasgow exploring expanded forms of publication.

‘Your mind is a blown picture of bright light’ is a work in which the narrator gives voice to a cascade of thoughts, images and ideas in a stream of consciousness. Speaking directly to an ambiguous ‘you’, which could be both herself and the imagined listener, she explores the desire to speak and the desire to observe. Catherine Street is an artist whose work consists of layers of experience. Her precisely spoken audio recordings include vivid evocations of physical sensations, alongside speculations on the artist’s role and motivations.