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Radiophrenia Live-to-Air: Steve Urquhart & Alan Bryden | Lights Out Listening Group

Wed 31 August 2016

Along with musician Alan Bryden, radio producer and sometime voice of the shipping forecast, Steve Urquhart presents Transformation:01, their first major collaboration for several years.

From prisoners and farmers, to graffiti artists and burlesque queens: a twenty year archive of radio interviews and location recordings is chopped up and recontextualised – live on Radiophrenia. Hear clips and outtakes from old documentaries being processed, looped, morphed, stretched, added to, multiplied and minimalised, in this almost entirely improvised composition. What will happen to these voices and noises, when they’re snatched out of their familiar sound worlds and bundled into a bank of analog synth modules and FX units? Expect things to become noisy, quiet, sparse, rhythmic, cacophonous, emotive, angry, frightening, funny… and ever expanding…


Lights Out Listening Group is a unique listening event that takes place in almost complete darkness. Each programme is made up from open submissions sent in by sound artists, experimental musicians and radio makers. For a one-off special, LOLG will present their ‘in the dark’ listening experience in the CCA cinema with a simultaneous radio broadcast on Radiophrenia. So, If you can’t make it along to the event, you can always draw the curtains, close your eyes and tune in at home.