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Remakesploitation Fest 2020
Turkish Death Wish

Sat 3 October 2020

Stylishly shot and with a charismatic central performance from Serdar Gökhan in the Charles Bronson role, Cellat transfers the iconic Death Wish revenge narrative from New York to Istanbul. Perhaps the most professionally produced of all the Turkish remakes, Cellat follows Gökhan as he takes his vengeance on a series of low-life criminals – with increasingly elaborate methods of execution.

Cellat AKA Turkish Death Wish (Memduh Ün, 1975) 1hr 20m
With English SDH/Captions for D/deaf audiences.


Screening as part of Matchbox Cineclub's Remakesploitation Fest 2020. Buy a £20 all-day pass; or individual tickets on a sliding scale £0-£8. You decide what to pay, with reference to the sliding scale guide. To register for a free ticket, please email tickets@matchboxcineclub.com.

Thanks to Fanatik Film, King's College London & Film Hub Scotland.