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UKJF: Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

Thu 16 August 2018

“Last night brought another 10-minute standing ovation to the Venice Film Festival, accompanying the screening of Atom Egoyan’s Remember” Deadline Magazine

Nominated, Best Picture, Best Actor (Christopher Plummer), Canadian Screen Awards 2016

Academy Award winner, Christopher Plummer, stars in this breathtaking thriller from celebrated director, Atom Egoyan, about a man tracking down the guard who murdered his family seven decades earlier. Zev, now ninety and suffering from dementia, escapes the confines of his residential home on a road trip across the USA and Canada in search of revenge – assuming he can remember why he left in the first place. Brilliant, cinematic story telling, full of sinister twists and turns, this is a fascinating play on memory that keeps you riveted until the last second.