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WARM Sundays: Theresa Malaney

Sun 20 May 2018

Join us for our latest WARM Sunday with Theresa Malaney. She will be presenting research for a proposed installation based on a life’s worth of objects and memories.

“Emotion and Art are nothing other than memories… Memories of pleasure, pain, sadness, joy are the common thread that unites all human beings.” (Oliver Dyens)

By gathering together personally significant objects Theresa’s practice aims to create a visual representation of the current understanding of the human brain’s ability to change throughout life, conveying the emotional implications that result from this process.

The work is a celebration of life, specifically the artists and the short life of her brother. It is a recognition of life’s fragility and impermanence. Exploring awareness and unawareness, viewing the past from the present, and the validity of memory.

WARM is a support network founded by and for women working as artists in Glasgow. It provides a space where women can discuss and develop their artistic practices and aims to explore ways of working that aid women and challenge the current accepted paradigm of artists working solely for their own self promotion.

Email warmglasgow@gmail.com for more information or to become member.

Please note this event is open to self-identifying women only.