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CCA develops a variety of work internationally, hosts residencies and exchanges, and brings international artists to exhibit in Glasgow.

We present a range of international contemporary artists through our exhibition programme. In recent years, we have had shows including work by Pilvi Takala, Jeremiah Day, Antonis Pittas, Oraib Toukan, Allison Gibbs, Manuel Chavajay, Tony Cruz, Remy Jungerman, Adele Todd and Khaled Hourani.

Our curatorial team conduct research trips abroad in order to meet artists, research international approaches and identify talks, exchanges, residencies and artists that could form part of CCA’s future programming. Recent research trips have taken place in Indonesia, Colombia and Brazil.

CCA also develops and hosts many international residencies and exchanges.

Our longest-running exchange has been the CALQ residency in Montreal, Quebec. With electronic-focussed origins, the residencies have often concentrated on music, sound art and video. The Scotland-based artists who have been invited to Montreal to date have worked in PRIM (Productions Réalisations Indépendantes de Montréal), a digital production house with a wide array of facilities. At CCA, the residents have worked mainly from our artist’s flat using rooms and technical facilities as they need them. Each residency lasts for three months, generally from April to June, and both are funded by CCA and CALQ. In 2017, we will be working with a new partner in Montreal, opening the residency up to other artforms and practitioners.

For three years (2013-15), CCA hosted High North - a residency exchange with Tromsø in Norway. The exchange was proposed by NABROAD, a Norwegian organisation based in the UK that aims to generate international collaborations and to help artists and arts organisations network across Norway. Three Norwegian artists were selected for five-month residencies in the UK, and were offered joint facilities with CCA, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, and Baltic in Gateshead. In parallel, three artists from Scotland and England were chosen to take up residencies in Tromsø.

In 2016, two new international residencies have been developed – a curatorial fellowship with the Caribbean and an artist residency in Palestine.

The residency in Palestine is focussed on Scottish-based artists, and is specifically tailored to stimulate teaching and learning between Scotland and Palestine. The residency facilitates exchanges of artistic viewpoints and contributes to the establishment of durable ties between Palestinian and Scottish artists. In September 2016, Jacob Kerray spent a month teaching and researching in Palestine for CCA’s pilot residency in the region.

With the Caribbean, the curatorial fellowship is a direct outcome of the Tilting Axis meetings in 2015 at Fresh Milk in Barbados and in 2016 at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Scotland based cultural partners CCA Glasgow, David Dale Gallery, Hospitalfield and curatorial collective Mother Tongue have produced a structural long-term fellowship for an emerging contemporary art practitioner living and working in the Caribbean. Kingston-based curator Nicole Smythe-Johnson has been selected for this year’s Tilting Axis curatorial fellowship. During her fellowship, Smythe-Johnson will travel to Scotland in November, and will also undertake research visits to Suriname, Barbados, Cuba and Grenada.

The creative lab programme each year also aims to support three or four artists working abroad, with residency and studio space.

As well as these residencies, CCA also fosters more informal exchanges, as we meet with artists and curators in various places throughout the year. Our artist flat is used for visiting artists and curators to come for short periods, most recently two artists – Darius Miksys and Darius Ziura – from Lithuania, co-sponsored by the Lithuanian Cultural attaché, an Latvian artist Live Dudareva as a one-off exchange between Baltic, Nordic and North European organisations (Transfer North) and there will also be a visit from Norwegian artist Thora Dolven Balke in February 2017.

Our public engagement programme also brings artists from around the world to share their experiences of socially engaged practice, through programmes such as Intentions in Action. Michael Rakowitz visited in July 2016, Spanish collective Basurama in August, Jonas Staal and Katherine Böhm in September – with all of these artists coming to CCA to share knowledge of their international work.