Exhibitions History

Tracey Moffat at CCA, 1992

Established as The Third Eye Centre (1975), the CCA has a history of exhibiting artists from Glasgow and beyond.

The CCA’s exhibition programme has taken many forms, and how we've approached the championing of Glasgow's art scene as developed over the years. Over time, we’ve become a hub for arts within the city, and have gained an international position through our work with Glasgow artists and those from further afield.

The CCA’s shows have been eclectic, and our programme doesn't fit demonstrably into an overarching narrative or ideological principal. Rather, our work has been to support and participate in the development and growth of Glasgow’s art scene, responding to and with its development.

Our first exhibition, a self titled retrospective of Joan Eardley’s work (1975), embodies our approach to the local scene, highlighting those making significant work and giving them space and time to present their practice. The following year’s Aspect 75: Contemporary Yogoslav Art (1976) an exhibition which featured work from Marina Abromovic, Dragutin Aleksić, Goran Trbuljak, and many others, exemplifies our approach to showing work from an international art world.

We’ve played a role in many of Glasgow and the UK’s best known artists' lives: Stephen Campbell’s solo show On Form and Fiction (1990) was a turning point in his practice; Damien Hirst had his second solo exhibition with us the previous year An installation by Damien Hirst (1989); and the 1994 exhibition New Art in Scotland featured early work from the likes of Nathan Coley, Victoria Morton, Carol Rhodes, David Shrigley, Clara Ursitti, and Richard Wright and was curated by Douglas Gordon.

Many of these artists have gone on to have international reputations: some have left Glasgow - others continue to live and work in the city. More recently, we’ve also had solo shows from Merlin James in the retrospective Long Game (2016) and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, who showed her first solo show in Scotland Uptight upright upside down at CCA in 2017.

Bringing artists, exhibitions, and new ways of thinking from the wider art world allows us to participate in global conversations. Significant shows featuring international artists include Do It! (1995) a show devised by Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist which featured Felix Gonzales-Torres, Bertrand Lavier and Peter Feldman, and more recently Sahej Rahal’s 2017 solo show Barricadia, which was produced concurrently with his residency with Cove Park. Irish artist Ailbhe Ní Bhriain’s 2022 solo show An Experiment with Time was our most recent international show.

Exhibitions Archive

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