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Intermedia Gallery 2023-24 Call for Submissions


Deadline : 2pm (14:00) Thurs 1st September

Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow (CCA) is pleased to announce a new call for Intermedia Gallery proposals. Formally an independent gallery space funded by Glasgow City Council (Glasgow Life) and located on King Street, Glasgow, Intermedia Gallery then found a new home in CCA from 2006 onward.

Given the history and importance that Intermedia Gallery has represented to early career artists since its inception, CCA aims to continue the ethos of the programme. Utilising a recent award of pandemic relief funding from Creative Scotland, we have also been able to address the support offered to artists within the programme. The budget offered has been increased, with invigilation and an aspect of install support now also provided by CCA. As before, Intermedia Gallery will be based on an open-call process, existing independently of CCA’s curated exhibition programme.

Beyond convening the selection committee, it is important to emphasise that CCA maintains a light-touch involvement in the space and artists are expected to take the lead on curating, publicising and installing/ uninstalling. This is in contrast to the way we research, develop and curate exhibitions in our ground floor spaces which are not open to proposal.

Proposals will be selected by CCA’s programme team and an artist invited from the previous round of Intermedia exhibitions.

Overview of support

  • £1,000 budget per exhibition.

  • 8 exhibition slots available across 2023-24.

  • Invigilation provided by CCA throughout the exhibition, a total of 17 days (11am-6pm) and an opening evening across 3 ½ weeks.

  • Up to a maximum of 3 days (21 hours) install support with a member of the CCA technical team, primary responsibility for install/ deinstall lies with the artist(s), with exceptions in the case of those with specific access needs.

  • An aspect of marketing and communications support, inclusion in CCA e-newsletter, social media and website. Access to CCA photocopier to print A3 posters (x30)

  • Available to individual or group exhibitions.

  • Not open to those in education at the proposed time of exhibition.

  • Opportunity to display relevant work or research concurrently on CCA Annex, CCA’s online project space.

  • A separate budget for accessibility - provided for artists who may face specific barriers to participating in the programme.

Submissions can be submitted via the following online form that asks for basic info and a 500-word project description, CV or a list of 3 relevant projects and other relevant supporting info.

Applications are welcomed from a wide variety of individuals and groups, and exhibitions will be selected based on criteria of quality of work and creative development. In return, artists take responsibility for organising, curating, installing, de-installing (allowing for specific access needs) and publicising their exhibition, all in line with CCA’s own Health and Safety guidelines.

Submissions from Glasgow-based artists will be prioritised. UK-wide and international proposals will be considered if the proposal demonstrates an installation and deinstallation plan and a commitment to be present in Glasgow. We particularly encourage applications from POC artists, those with disabilities, long-term health conditions, from lower socio-economic backgrounds or other marginalised positions.

We would like to stress that given the available budget and resources we are unlikely to select proposals that are unrealistic or overly ambitious unless it is clear you have additional funding in place. Intermedia is not seen as a commissioning opportunity to produce extensive bodies of new work but is geared to the display of work that is either finished or nearing completion that has not yet been displayed. We are unlikely to consider proposals that have already been exhibited or that are touring.

Historically, Intermedia’s programme has aimed to support emerging artists working in Glasgow. We recognise that emerging is a word often associated with age; however, we believe that an artistic practice can ‘emerge’ or ‘reemerge’ at any stage in life. The overall selection aims to find a balance between artistic content, contemporary discourse and different media. The selection process is consciously non-discriminatory against gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age and those with specific access needs. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to email

Further Information

  • Intermedia Gallery is located on the top floor of the building, off the main atrium and close to the lift. It has windows along one side out into the atrium.

  • The space is 6m x 11m, installed with load-bearing gallery walls and ceiling mounted unistrut channel that can be used for suspending heavier items such as projectors. There are de-mountable spotlights which can also be added to the track. Please see the floor-plan for further info.

  • CCA equipment for the duration of the exhibition such as speakers and projectors may be available but can’t be guaranteed in advance.

  • Similarly we may be able to lend basic tools for installation but encourage artists to consider what they need and bring appropriate equipment.

  • Transportation of works and hospitality, such as refreshments during the opening, should be considered within the available budget.

  • CCA risk assessment templates will be provided during an induction briefings with selected artists.

  • The Intermedia schedule works to a fixed diary. Please let us know your preferred month from the list and we will notify you of the closest available slot.

We are happy to pass on more details on request but the following links offer an overview if you are not familiar with CCA or all the spaces in the building.

Intermedia Gallery floor-plan

Interactive 360° building tour

Venue map

Accessibility guide

Zoom Q+A Session:

We will be hosting several informal zoom question and answer sessions for those wishing to meet us and find out more about the Intermedia Gallery opportunity and CCA in general. These will be on the following dates and times below. We may add a further session depending on demand. Again, please email us at to register your interest.

12pm (12:00) UK time – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

5pm (17:00) UK time – Wednesday 17th August 2022

How to Apply

Please use the online form using the link below, if you have any issues uploading images, PDFs or CVs to the form please email them to

Intermedia Gallery application form

We also take video submissions; please be sure to answer the questions related to project description and to limit the video duration to under 3 minutes. Ensure that any links to content will not expire before we come to review the submission.

If you would prefer to submit in an alternative format, have any queries in relation to the process or if we can make it any easier for you to apply please don't hesitate to email

Deadline : 2pm (14:00) Thurs 1st September


Application Deadline

1 Sep 2022


£1,000 budget per exhibition


Invigilation, install support, marketing support