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BUZZCUT Festival

Conversations In Clay // Rosie Priest

Fri 31 March 2023

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BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

A close up of someone creating a figurine of a cat out of clay.

image courtesy of the artist

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What things get lost, slip away or forgotten forever when our brains work differently to most? For Rosie, who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD as well as a processing speed learning disability, conversations, experiences and thoughts can disappear completely, impossible to retrieve.

With your help ‘Conversations in Clay’ will explore Rosie’s neurodiversity and learning disability through the medium of clay. Like many people who come to a later life diagnosis it is impossible not to reflect and consider how neurodivergence has impacted life in unseen ways. One major issue Rosie faces is memory and recall; “large parts of my life are blank, conversations completely forgotten, faces and names disappear. For those around me this can be incredibly frustrating, and often people assume I’m not listening out of rudeness, rather than being incapable of recall.”

This participatory performance is an attempt to explore ways of preserving conversations and creating shared memories. You are invited to a dialogue, to play and reflect on our conversations with clay. A gentle, open, and accessible experience for anyone. The clay pieces created will serve as physical reminders of the conversations had throughout the day; small sculptures that trap the memories so easily lost.

Rosie Priest

Rosie is a queer interdisciplinary artist and researcher, currently in the midst of a PhD whilst developing their own socially focussed art practice. Their research explores arts’ impacts on marginalised people, whilst their creative practice attempts to amplify voices underrepresented within the art world using a variety of tools and methods. Rosie attempts to work in slow and considered ways with people, which often sits outside of institutional approaches to engaging with communities.


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BSL interpretation

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