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Edge Effects
Centre for Alterity Studies
Richard Skelton

Sun 30 July 2017

Centre for Alterity Studies (CFAS) was convened by Richard Skelton during his Frontiers in Retreat residencies at Skaftfell, east Iceland, as a resource for an international network of artists and researchers with interests in non-human otherness, encompassing animal, plant and mineral alterity.

For Edge Effects, Richard Skelton will launch the first volume of the journal Alterity, CFAS's key publication. The journal intends to document the variety of work and discourse being generated in this burgeoning field.

The founding document of CFAS is the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Critically Endangered Species, which Skelton describes as ‘a profoundly moving evocation of the near-lost; a poem of impossible fragility; and yet overwhelming in its sheer scale, and alienating in its use of specialist language. The mind recoils from its monolithic nature.’

During this event there will be an opportunity to read extracts from these texts and participate in an open discussion exploring the evolution of CFAS.

This event is presented as part of Scottish Sculpture Workshop: Edge Effects; a programme of workshops, walks, sound work, film and performance that explore the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena.

Edge Effects runs from 27 - 30 July at CCA and sites across the city. For more details on the full programme visit: SSW Edge Effects.