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Edge Effects
Charismatic Megafauna

Sat 29 July 2017

For their group Scottish debut, Charismatic Megafauna perform a gig with projections, costumes, drums and bodies. Prompted by Scottish Sculpture Workshop, the group will read the Xenofeminist Manifesto in preparation for this performance and will struggle with it. Live.

Charismatic Megafauna is a three-piece, feminist, party punk band born from a need to rage and dance. They use drums, synth drums, drum pads and voices in their performances and use the breakdown of words and the buildup of rhythms to make worlds. Hit songs like Guys in Spandex, Ejaculate, Theresa May Not and Hole have been shouted in places like fields, studios, bars, warehouses, museums, and basements since 2014.

This event is presented as part of Scottish Sculpture Workshop: Edge Effects; a programme of workshops, walks, sound work, film and performance that explore the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena.

Edge Effects runs from 27 - 30 July at CCA and sites across the city. For more details on the full programme visit: SSW Edge Effects.