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Ensemble Thing

Sun 30 June 2019

A meditation for cello, electronics and video, performed by Emily De Simone.

This hour-long programme includes: Michael Gordon’s Light is Calling, which was composed close to Ground Zero in New York in September 2001; Thomas Butler's Replaceable Parts for the Irreplaceable You, which explores the symbiosis of humankind and its machines; Shona Mackay's new audiovisual work Cloud Hands, which draws on Tai Chi and meditative practices as a means to explore the physical self in absentia – the sensations of mind and body embodied in musical material; and Velvet by Kate Moore, a piece inspired by the movement of light on cloth as depicted in Renaissance painting – the vitality of the material conveyed inside a still frame.

The programme also includes Hannah Imlach's artist film Fieldwork, which documents a series of sculptural instruments inspired by peatland ecology and restoration in the Flow Country (Caithness and Sutherland), and a musical response to this film by composer John De Simone.