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Wed 24 April 2019

//BUZZCUT// is back with their sell out nights of raw and risky experimental performance and live art, taking over CCA once a month. Bringing the brightest local artists alongside the most striking and challenging work from outside of Scotland, Double Thrills is a celebration of challenging ideas and innovative performance, in a super warm and friendly environment.

Oozing Gloop

The Gloop Show by the one and only Oozing Gloop - the world's leading, green, autistic, drag queen. Taking you on a psycho-magical trip from the universal AEIOU to the particular 3 3 3 2 2 (and back again.) On route we ramble through a dreamscape of handmade patchwork veils, gigantic vowels, masks, wigs and lashes.

As we spiral through the subconscious, our guiding green vagabond wielding a seven foot mascara wand assures that squares make squares, triangles make triangles and doing things… does stuff.

To the accompaniment of Bonnie Tyler and Bette Davis, The Gloop Show re-stitches the fabric of our reality and charts sublime new political territories. This is your survival guide to the twenty-first century!