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Support Us

The Sky is Falling. Photography by Alan Dimmick.

CCA is a unique organisation, and vital to the cultural life of Glasgow. We are a registered charity (no: SC020734).

At the heart of all our activities is the desire to work with artists and communities, to commission new projects and to present them to the widest possible audience. Like many other arts organisations and charities, we have faced great financial challenges in the past years: from cuts to arts funding to the COVID pandemic, all compounded by our previous closures due to Sauchiehall Street fires.

We rely on donations and support to ensure that CCA can provide a home for arts and cultural experiences from across Glasgow and beyond, as well as supporting artists, audiences and communities. You can make a one-off donation here.

Why support CCA?

We believe that access to arts and culture is a civic right. We aim to keep our programme accessible to the widest possible audience. We actively encourage and support our partners to offer events that are accessible and free (or low-cost) to attend. Our open-source model of programming encourages co-ownership of CCA by a wide spectrum of the arts community. Your support will ensure that our building continues to act as a civic space for audiences to enjoy a diverse cultural programme that is reflective of the communities of Glasgow. CCA is a vital part of Glasgow’s cultural composition, and you will be supporting infrastructure that fosters curatorial talent in Glasgow across film, visual art, literature, live music, performance and all disciplines falling in-between.

We continue to develop new programme strands to connect with communities across the city, build sustainable relationships and present marginalised voices through a wide range of arts and cultural activities. Community engagement breaks down some of the barriers to access that can easily grow around an art centre. Your support will contribute to two programme strands devised to work specifically with communities across the city: Glasgow Seed Library and Common Ground. Seed Library works in seed saving and community engagement with gardening, growing and nurturing; and Common Ground is a physical space and programme of work designed for the refugee communities living in the city, aiming to be driven by members of this community and to connect more widely with the core CCA programme.

Sustainability is an ever-urgent priority for the arts world and beyond. At CCA, we work to achieve high industry standards for sustainability. We have a dedicated Green Team and an environmental and sustainability plan in place which is under regular review and informed by work we are doing with consultants Beyond Green, Creative Resilience and Creative Carbon Scotland. Supporting us will help us implement our plan for circularity, carbon reduction and waste management, with the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

How can you support CCA?

You can make a one-off donation by clicking here. We appreciate every donation of any amount. As a registered charity, every donation goes directly to supporting the work we do and ensuring that we can continue to serve the communities of Glasgow through art and culture. Thank you for your support.

If you are interested in discussing how you could partner with CCA to offer support or for any corporate enquiries, please contact Ailsa Nazir on