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Kimuak Glasgow: Best of the Basque

Sat 8 October 2016

Spanish and Latin American Short Film Nights offer a powerful curated selection of short films, all with English subtitles, as well as networking breaks for the enjoyment of both the Ibero-American community and cinema lovers alike.

In October, something even more special takes place as CinemaAttic focus on Basque shorts with their programme #KimuakGlasgow: Best of the Basques. Thanks to CinemaAttic's collaboration in recent years with both KIMUAK and Basque Filmoteque, they have gathered the new buds that have germinated since 2011 to present in Scotland every year - and now, for the first time, in Glasgow.

Is there a real flowering of Basque-language cinema?
Miren Manias is Basque visiting fellow at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research (CCPR), University of Glasgow, and will join us on Saturday to talk about the the role of film policy in the revival of Basque-language cinema.