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Die! Goldstein presents a Dystopian Utopian Cinematographic Soundscape

Thu 10 November 2016

A terrifying and encouraging experimental visual post rock shoegaze drone noise experience, following a dystopian utopian cinematographic soundscape.

DIE! GOLDSTEIN’s debut album “Dystopia<>Utopia” invites the listener to join his beautiful progression from dark and desperate dystopian states through mal-topia and hope to finally arrive at an enlightened, utopian present. Mirrored in alternating states of the human mind, DIE! GOLDSTEIN offers a harsh but hopeful journey of human experience, incorporating pressing political and societal issues through global imagery.

DIE! GOLDSTEIN is the Berlin-based project of Diego Mar. He has played more than 100 times live worldwide, in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Bangkok, and has shared a stage with bands such as Mogwai, Oceansize, Sakamoto and Vessels.