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Flourish present
The Mack: Memory, Will and Understanding

Wed 7 November 2018

A series of small gatherings for staff and students coming together to bring out our feelings about the Glasgow School of Art building, the Mack. What has happened? What is going to happen? And how we, students, staff and citizens, can come together through projects, works and collaborations and help remake the Mack for us.

At each gathering two or three speakers will give a short 5-10 minute talk on what that building and its history meant to them. The meeting will then be thrown open to the floor for full participation.

What happens when an institution falters?

With speakers Liz Davidson, Patrick Macklin, Jenny Brownrigg and Johnny Rodger.

Flourish is a cross GSA group formed to raise the spirit of the Mack and steered by Irene McAra- McWilliams and Johnny Rodger.