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Neoliberalism v Democracy - Waking Up to Reality

Sat 11 February — Sun 12 February 2017

The specific nature of the Neoliberal variant of the current form of capitalism is much discussed in academic circles. However in many workplaces and communities in the West the idea that "there is no alternative" still holds sway. For many people the term neoliberalism is unknown and unacknowledged. This congress event invites participants from a range of civic and academic fields to address the basic reality that the concept of a functional democratic system cannot exist with the neoliberal paradigm.

How can this message be better communicated outwith the academic and activist communities? What can the societies of the west and Eastern Europe learn from other cultures and communities for whom the fight against imperialism and neoliberal oppression has always been their reality? What role can we play in waking our sisters and brothers up to a reality beyond the corrupt illusions of capitalism?

This event marks the beginning of a decade of action initiated by Solidarity Against Neoliberal Extremism (S.A.N.E.) Collective, a group of activist, individuals and groups committed to challenging neoliberal hegemony and promoting alternative ways of thinking & being in the world.