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WTF is Neoliberalism?

Wed 20 June 2018

Following the fire on Friday night, CCA will be closed until at least Monday 25 June. Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbours at Glasgow School of Art and O2 ABC, and the incredible fire service.


Perhaps you have heard this word before. Maybe it sounds — quite rightly — like jargon. Chances are that even if you don’t spend every spare hour brushing up on politics, at some point in each day you will feel the impacts of Neoliberalism or bear witness to its effect on your community. But despite being the dominant political story of our time, Neoliberalism is rarely discussed amongst the population. This 11-session course is a response to this state of affairs.

In times of crazy inequality, anti-immigration, an insane clown President, austerity and impending climate breakdown, you might have a sense that something is not right with the world. It seems all the more important that we create a space which allows people to make sense of the mad times we are in.

We aim to create an inclusive space for discussion and learning. We hold a dangerous belief that education can be great fun, participatory and help us develop the skills to participate in society.

This course is for all types of learner: we do not care if you are politically active or not. All are welcome. Just bring your curiosity with you.

WTF is Neoliberalism operates in two parts. Part 1 has six classes running from the 9th of May to the 18th of July (every second week). Part 2 has five classes from September to December.

Please sign-up via this BrownPaperTickets link.

To get further information about the course, or to ask any questions, please get in touch with us at neolibcourse@hotmail.com.