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Sequel: A Play of Acts

Wed 12 April 2017

The second in a series of plays* about some paintings and people looking at them

Hamm: We’re not beginning to…to…mean something?
Clov: Mean something! You and I, mean something? [Brief laugh]
Ah that’s a good one!

Hamm: I wonder. [Pause] Imagine if a rational being came back to
earth, wouldn’t he be liable to get ideas into his head if he
observed us long enough. […] To think perhaps it won’t have
all been for nothing!

(From Endgame by Samuel Beckett)

*attendees of Matinee, the first in the series, are encouraged to attend Sequel for its differences (while maintaining the spirit of the original), though no prior knowledge is required to enjoy Sequel on its own terms.

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