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Women Who Kill

Fri 29 September 2017

Morgan and her ex-girlfriend Jean are locally famous true crime podcasters obsessed with female serial killers. There’s a chance they may still have feelings for each other but co-dependence takes a back seat when Morgan meets the mysterious Simone during her Food Coop shift. The more she discovers about the mysterious past of her new lover, the more the commitment-phobic Morgan fears for her emotional and physical wellbeing. Though, isn’t that true to varying degrees of every coupling? Writer-director-star Ingrid Jungermann’s feature debut is a wickedly sharp dissection of Brooklyn’s lesbian scene, deftly weaving droll comedy with psychological thriller.

Content note: comedic discussion and depiction of violence, discussion of suicide and self-harm.

Screening with English subtitles. SQIFF 2017 tickets are priced on a sliding scale; please choose what to pay based on your circumstances. We ask that you be honest with yourself and your financial situation; we will not ask for any proof of your income. For more info on SQIFF's sliding ticket scale click here.

This film is F-rated. Films are given an F-rating if directed by women, written by women and/or present significant female characters on screen, in their own right. f-rated.org.