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Tangible EU, a grounded inquiry of the European Union
(participatory workshop, ages 18-30)

Sat 24 November 2018

This workshop explores the links between Scottish citizens and Europe. In the context of the Scottish-European Parliament, the institution is envisioned as a collaborative space in which we can discuss the breadth and diversity of European experience. Through the stimulation of object-oriented reflections, Tangible EU wants to show the tangibility and the impact of the European project in our lives.

Participants - Workshop participants need to bring along a personal, everyday object that reminds them of the European Union or that stands for the relationship they have with the EU. The object could be anything from a passport to a seaside rock - something that reminds them of home or of travelling; a picture of friends, a movie, a poem, a song…

Structure After a 15 minute visual-presentation from the organiser, participants will be invited to share their stories, via their objects, and together create a self-reflective map of the continent as a way to stimulate wide-ranging discussion about the different ways we experience the European project.