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Thrown off the land to make way for biofuels

Mon 12 November 2018

Frackwatch hosts a Zoom talk with Zimbabwean environmental lawyer Lenin Tinashe Chisaira. He will share his research into how profit-driven production of biofuels is forcing a change in land use that affects small farmers. He’ll speak about the climate challenges in Southern Africa where Fracking is being proposed and government’s are struggling with any kind of transition to renewables. Lenin Tinashe Chisaira is a researcher with the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA). Holds LLB Hons (Univ of Zimbabwe) ; Postgrad Cert in Environmental and Natural Resources Law & LLM Economic Regulation (Univ of London); LLM Candidate in International Human Rights Law and Public Policy (UCC, Ireland). The image is of Jatropha seeds, which a Zimbabwean government project promoted as a bio-fuel crop.