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UWS presents
Out of the Past, Into the Present: Reframing Heritage through Art Practice

Wed 6 March 2019

There is a growing interest in heritage activism aimed at the production and dissemination of alternative understandings and visions of the past to the dominant historical narrative. One of the key functions that the past performs, through its uses in heritage, is a production of a sense of belonging and identity construction through the representation of a place or an event. New constructed knowledge, questioning and subverting the common sense, fills the gaps in what appears missing. Such attempts also stimulate shifts in memory archives, envisioning alternative futures. As the audio-visual value of cultural heritage and its artistic representation is becoming increasingly important, the symposium with screenings and demos, will address new ways of interpreting heritage in a digital age.

The UWS symposium is chaired by Professor Katarzyna Kosmala and features new works by Caoimhe Heron, Gordon Doherty, Herborg Hansen, Josh McGeechan, Sam Firth and Tony Grace.