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Reading Troupe #13…there is magic loose in the world... workshop with Emma Haugh

Sat 9 March 2019

Reading Troupe #13
'…there is magic loose in the world…'
Reading with Samuel R.Delaney's 'Return to Nevèrÿon' series

Katherine invites Emma Haugh, a visual artist and educator based in Dublin and Berlin to hold one of her Reading Troupe workshops. Weaving together installation, performance, publishing, and collaborative workshop techniques, Emma is interested in re-orienting attention in relation to cultural narratives and develops work from a queer/feminist questioning of what is missing?

THE READING TROUPE (RT) is a nomadic and mutating practice of performative and theatrical reading techniques. Incorporating improvisation, collage, fortune telling, psychogeography and collective cut-ups. RT workshops are contingent to time, place and people. In general RT workshops happen with a group of six or more but the techniques are also effective in pairs and can be adapted for working alone or with disembodied collaborators. RT’s can happen in a single session or across multiple meetings, like a reading group. In RT sessions “readers” are invited to participate in an active embodiment of knowledge dissemination and production. This collaborative practice is an attempt to collectively enter the body of a chosen text through improvisation and amateur dramatics rather than analytic and academic language.