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We are committed to supporting the development of new work and offer a programme of artist residencies in our Creative Lab and use of our Artist’s Flat at CCA.

Residencies in the Creative Lab began in 2003, and we now have a regular pattern of twelve monthly residencies each year, with the labs allocated through an open selection process. Among these twelve, there are specialised residencies held in conjunction with two of CCA’s partners - Dancehouse and AC Projects - giving artists working in these fields a focussed space to develop their practice. For the other ten residency slots, there is the same dedication to development – research is our priority in the selection of applications and there is no demand for a tangible outcome. The residencies are not linked to exhibitions and are not geared towards the exhibition of finished pieces in that space. Artists are free to devise new work, to experiment, to collaborate with others in areas outside their usual practice or simply to think, in a space distanced from everyday work or social constraints. There is an opportunity to open the doors to the public at the end of a residency and discuss the month’s activity or for a sharing in dance or performance residencies. Artists often use the room for screenings, workshops and critiques throughout the residency, and CCA provide marketing and technical support for these events. Artists are also welcome to use CCA’s equipment, including our dance floor, projectors, sound kit and lights to experiment on their own. CCA staff also offer feedback on work when invited to do so and, more generally, there is an immense benefit for CCA with the regular presence of artists in the building.

One of the lesser-known spaces in CCA is our artist’s flat on the third floor overlooking Scott Street. It’s a small space but it’s an invaluable asset as it allows us the flexibility to host residencies with minimal accommodation costs. In relation to the Creative Lab, it is used by residents coming from further afield. At other times, it hosts separate longer-term residencies, such as residencies from Lithuanian artists Darius Mikšys and Darius Ziura supported by the Lithuanian embassy, and our long-standing artist exchange with Quebec. One of the artists we hosted through this CALQ exchange held her residency entirely from the artist’s flat, creating illustrated responses to the personal messages she receives from strangers via Tumblr under the pseudonym Ambivalently Yours.

Information on current and upcoming residencies can also be found on our website.