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The School for Civic Imagination is an informal learning programme at CCA which discusses the meeting point between art and society, and support knowledge sharing between everyone taking part.

The School aims to represent a support structure for the further development of deeper connections between socially engaged art practice and civic life, delivered by a multitude of contributors from an array of locations. It is structured around different topics, including how socially engaged creative practices can be used in urban and rural contexts. It is as responsive and flexible as possible to the needs and desires of everyone taking part in the programme, as well as local issues that are brought to light over the course of the events. It also works to create connections across local, national and international levels, through its programme of talks, film screenings, tours, experiments, walks and visits.

The School aims to build and strengthen relationships which already exist between CCA and various groups across Glasgow, opening up new ways of seeing and participating in the cultural life of the city. Events take place at CCA as well as various other locations around the city, in collaboration with a variety of partners.

Previous events include:

Beverly Naidus: Socially engaged art and pedagogy for these challenging times, Tue 3 Oct 2017
CinemaAttic General Report on Certain Matters of Interest For a Public Screening, Thu 5 Oct 2017
CinemaAttic Homage To Catalonia: General Report II - The New Rapture of Europe, Thu 5 Oct 2017
Ana S Gonzalez Rueda: Unknowing and other ways of learning with art, Thu 26 Oct 2017
Dinner by Soul Food Sisters, Wed 8 Nov 2017
Movement & Bodily Reflection with G.O.D.S, Wed 8 Nov 2017
Art, Activism and Social Movements, Workshop with Cristina Flesher Fominaya, Thu 9 Nov 2017
You Are But You Are Not, Workshop with Beatrice Catanzaro, Thu 9 Nov 2017
Christmas dinner and a book discussion, The Project Café, Wed 13 Dec 2017
Workshops with STEALTH.unlimited, Mon 22 Jan 2018
What If the Citizen Curates? Workshop with Jason E. Bowman, Wed 14 Feb 2018
Tim Ingold: Search and Search Again: On the Meaning of Research in Art, Wed 14 Feb 2018
Imagination: A Collaborative Civic Network of Care, Talk with Jeanne van Heeswijk, Thu 8 Mar 2018
On the Reasons of Schooling, Fri 3 May 2019
Art and the Epistemologies of the South, Mon 20 May 2019
Bauhaus Imaginista: Workshop and Lecture, Thu 23 May 2019
Grant Watson: Bauhaus Imaginista Lecture, Thu 23 May 2019

For more information, please contact arts.admin@cca-glasgow.com