Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 11am-12midnight, Sun-Mon: Closed /// PLEASE NOTE: Our main lift is currently broken, please ask a member of staff for access to the secondary lift.

Ground Floor

CCA Ground Floor

  • CCA is situated across three floors of a historic building at 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.
  • The ground floor comprises the CCA box office, foyer, Welcome Home and Aye-Aye Books shops, the Reading Library, courtyard, a 74-seat cinema and our gallery space.


  • A large print gallery map and exhibition text is available from the Box Office in the main foyer on the ground floor, and in the gallery space. You are welcome to take this into the exhibition.

  • The gallery has two entrances. The entrance used depends on the exhibition, but one set of doors will always be in use. The first set of doors (next to the main stairs) measure 110cm / 43.5 inches in width (one door). When both doors are open this measures 218cm / 86 inches in width. The second set of doors (by the cinema) measure 125cm / 49 inches in width.
  • The Gallery is accessible by wheelchair, but please note there is a lip on the threshold of the entrance.
  • There is a narrow corridor connecting the largest space within the gallery to the smallest gallery space; this measures 80cm / 31.5 inches.
  • Front of House staff will be seated in the gallery throughout opening times, you are very welcome to approach a member of Gallery staff if you require any assistance or information.


  • The Cinema is on a level access floor with two doors. The first door is a sliding door which is 117cm / 46 inches wide, the interior cinema door is 90cm / 35.5 inches wide and opens outwards towards the courtyard.

  • The cinema has raked seating, with removable seats for wheelchair spaces.
  • Additional seats, up to a full row, can be removed from the Cinema to create wheelchair spaces, with advance notice. There is one step for each row of seating, each 15cm / 5.8 inches in height, with the front rows at ground level.
  • There is a hearing loop in the Cinema. The best area for receiving this is in the centre of the seating rows. The hearing loop is connected to the audio feed for the film, and for presentations using a microphone.
  • Some film screenings have English subtitles. Please check event listings on the CCA website for details –
  • If we have flash or strobe lighting during any performance in CCA, there will be notices on display in the venue. Where we know about flash or strobe lighting in advance, this will also be noted on the event listing on the CCA website.
  • Advanced booking is possible for ticketed events in the cinema. You can let us know of access requirements in advance, or on arrival.

Reading Library

  • The Reading Library is situated above the seating area in the foyer. It is spread over three shelves.
  • The shelf heights are 79cm / 31 inches, 118cm / 46½ inches, and 156cm / 61½ inches.

  • The Seed Library is based in a cupboard (118cm / 46½ inches high)
  • The Seed Library is currently in the Foyer just besides the seating area.
  • The cupboard has three shelves, and two deep drawers underneath.
  • Please ask a member of staff if you require assistance.