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Paragon Music - Jamathon 2017. Amy Sinead Photography

This editorial was originally published in our Nov - Dec 2017 brochure. You can find a list of our current cultural tenants here.

CCA is a multi-purpose venue and we aim to make the best use of every space in the building. Following the renovation in 2001, when CCA acquired the two-storey Mandors fabric store on Scott Street, several office spaces were created on the first and second floors to house what would become known as our Cultural Tenants.

CCA’s Cultural Tenants are artistic and cultural organisations who contribute to the venue’s events programme in return for discounted office space. There are fourteen tenants based in the building and each has an individually tailored arrangement with CCA. Rents are below commercial rates and tenants have a two-year contract that includes a clause defining their contribution to CCA’s programme. Tenants engage with the building and its audiences, while enhancing the CCA events programme and providing a publicly-beneficial alternative to a commercial rental cost. On a more human level, this agreement also keeps us in contact with each other, giving us reasons to meet and to consider the use of the building.

For CCA, it is of great value to have so many other cultural organisations in the building. It helps to fulfil our aim to be a hub for the arts, while also extending the support we can provide through the open source programming approach to supporting arts organisations with office space.

Editorial first published in November - December 2017 CCA Brochure.