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Natsumi Sakamoto, A Rowan Wards off Witches installation (film, woodcut print, drawings)

We are delighted to announce the line-up of artists who will be exhibiting in Intermedia Gallery 2024-25! Intermedia’s programme aims to support emerging artists working in Glasgow.

We selected artists based on an open-call. This year, in line with our commitment to broadening our access to opportunities, Common Ground has additionally commissioned an exhibition in Intermedia to coincide with their festival in June — we’re pleased to welcome Seif Eddine Jlassi & Mousa AlNana to our 2024/25 Intermedia Gallery programme as well.

2024/25 Intermedia Gallery line-up

Saturn Akin (April '24)
Anna Metzger (May '24)
Sequoia Danielle Barnes
(July '24)
Seif Eddine Jlassi & Mousa AlNana
(June '24)
Natsumi Sakomoto
(August '24)
Matty Rimmer
(October '24)
Nat Walpole
(November '24)
Clay AD
(January '25)
Robert Thomas James Mills
(March '25)

We can't wait to kick off the new slate of shows in April — keep an eye on our website for details of each upcoming exhibition.